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A Wolf Story is about Nuka. Nuka is a female wolf who is left behind by her pack. When Trouble discovers her hiding in his den, he takes care of her. Nuka falls hard for the mysterious timber wolf, her only question is, what has happened to Trouble in his past? The male wolf has mysterious that even he doesn’t know about. Eventually, the two become mates. When Nuka gives birth to her first litter with Trouble, one of her puppies is Miyax. Miyax is a female wolf whom Trouble loves so dearly. When Miyax runs away into the Colorado Mountains, Trouble is determined to find her, dead or alive. Nuka, Trouble, Amaroq, Destiny and the rest of the pack set sail on a heart wrenching, spell binding story to find Miyax. They face death, starvation, other wolf packs and they discover a love like no other. Miyax is lost, hungry and must face the harsh wilderness that is the Colorado Mountains. The only question is, does she survive?

This book will definitely suck you in if you enjoy wolves, friendship, love, mystery, spell binding stories and an unforgettable book that is, A Wolf Story.